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About us

We manufacture, install and maintain wastewater treatment plants

Since 2008, we have been manufacturing, installing and maintaining advanced, patented technology biological wastewater treatment plants. We use the most efficient wastewater treatment solutions that reduce environmental and water pollution. Constant communication with existing customers and feedback help us to improve and modernise the equipment and adapt to rapidly evolving technologies and customer lifestyles.

We use continuously improved wastewater treatment plant technology based on research, development and life experience. Thousands of satisfied customers, not only in Lithuania but also in many other countries, enjoy well-installed and perfectly functioning plants.

Our goal is quality and environmentally friendly living, which is why we intensively monitor ecological trends, water management around the world and the requirements for treated wastewater. We try to stay ahead of the times and improve our new BIOMAX plant in line with the emerging innovations both in the household and in nature. We are consistently monitoring the market. We pay close attention to each customer, and we take account of their needs and lifestyle. We provide advice and guidance in choosing the most suitable equipment; we design and implement the final project. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

We are easy to find. All logistics are convenient for both our partners and our customers. The factory is located in Ukmergė, the capital of plumbing! The city is strategically located only 76 km north-west of Vilnius and 71 km north-east of Kaunas. The A2 motorway Vilnius–Panevėžys bypasses the city from the east, where there are intersections with roads to Molėtai, Žemaitkiemis and Utena.

The administration is located at Avižienių k. Vilniaus r. sav. at the north-western edge of Vilnius, 1 km west of the A2 motorway Vilnius–Panevėžys.

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