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Plant accessories


BIOMAX wastewater treatment plant accessories

Additives for wastewater treatment plants are essential to ensure a quality wastewater treatment process.

Let us introduce you to four key accessories for wastewater treatment plants that are useful not only for professionals but also for environmentalists. These are the cone caps, the blower boxes, the caps for M-type units, and the additional Paneltim bottoms. All these products are easily available from us. We do all the necessary work:

a) We manufacture our own wastewater treatment plants and accessories;

b) We deliver and install the equipment;

c) We carry out maintenance work.

More about BIOMAX wastewater treatment plant accessories

Conical cover:

The conical cover is one of the accessories offered by BIOMAX that significantly improves the performance of the wastewater treatment plant. This specially developed design element helps to remove a greater volume of debris and sediment from the wastewater, thus avoiding blockages and ensuring treatment efficiency.

Blower box:

The blower is an integral part of the wastewater treatment process, and the blower box makes it easy to access and maintain the plant. BIOMAX offers this practical and durable box to help keep blowers running smoothly and efficiently.

Cover for a standard M-type plant:

The M-type plant cover is suitable for those who use this specific wastewater treatment plant. This accessory fits perfectly and ensures that the wastewater treatment plant operates optimally, without losses or accidents.

Reinforced Paneltim bottom:

The reinforced Paneltim bottom is another option offered by BIOMAX. This additive helps to improve the stability and durability of the wastewater treatment plant, ensuring that it will last a long time without any problems.

All of these wastewater treatment plant accessories can be easily ordered from BIOMAX and our experts will be happy to advise you on their installation and maintenance.

In addition, BIOMAX offers a wide range of accessories to meet the needs of different wastewater treatment plants. Whatever the size or type of your system, BIOMAX has the right solution for you.

Why do you need wastewater treatment plant accessories?

Accessories for wastewater treatment plants are essential components for their efficient operation. They are important for several reasons, some of which include:

  1. Wastewater filtration: Wastewater treatment plants turn dirty wastewater into cleaner water. Additives such as conical covers and blower boxes help to separate and remove larger sediments, debris, sand and other impurities from the wastewater. This is important to prevent wastewater from damaging pipes and blocking treatment plants, thus ensuring an efficient treatment process.
  2. Treatment efficiency: Specialised additives tailored to specific wastewater treatment systems or plants improve treatment efficiency. For example, an M-type plant cover may be necessary for certain types of plants to ensure optimum performance.
  3. Accident prevention: Accessories can help prevent accidents and unwanted incidents in wastewater treatment systems. They can prevent blockages, sediment collection and other problems that can lead to disturbances in the treatment process or system failures.
  4. Maintenance and longevity: Correctly selected and installed accessories facilitate the maintenance and longevity of the wastewater treatment system. For example, an additional Paneltim bottom can improve the stability of the system and reduce the negative impact on the wastewater treatment plant.

All these accessories are essential for the efficient and long-lasting operation of a wastewater treatment system. They help keep the environment clean and ensure that wastewater is properly treated before it enters the environment. These are essential components that contribute to environmental protection.

How to order accessories for a BIOMAX wastewater treatment plant?

Ordering accessories for wastewater treatment plants is a relatively simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Contact Us: The first thing you should do is contact us. You can do this through our website, by email or phone.
  • Consult the experts: Our experts can advise you on the accessories you need based on the type of wastewater treatment plant and your needs.
  • Choice of accessories: A consultation with specialists will help you choose the right accessories. They may recommend a specific conical cover, a blower box, a cover for a standard M-type plant or a reinforced Paneltim bottom – it all depends on your individual needs.
  • Payment and delivery: Once the order for the accessories for the wastewater treatment plant has been placed, you will be required to make a payment according to the pre-agreed conditions. We will arrange delivery to the location you specify.
  • Installation and maintenance: When the accessories are delivered, our technicians can come and install them. They can also give advice on the further maintenance and use of the equipment.

You can find BIOMAX contact information in the “Contacts” section. Consult our specialists and ensure that your wastewater treatment plant operates at the highest level of efficiency!