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How do wastewater treatment plants work?


Wastewater treatment plants

BIOMAX wastewater treatment plants are an excellent choice for those who seek high quality water treatment with minimal operating costs.

These devices stand out not only for their high water purification efficiency, but also for their attractive, simple design. One of the unique advantages of BIOMAX is that these plants consistently optimize the cleaning processes, reaching even up to 95-98% treatment efficiency.

This means that these plants exceed the strict European standards, ensuring an exceptionally high quality of purified water.

In addition, BIOMAX wastewater treatment plants are known for their simplicity and low operating costs. They don’t require complex maintenance and operate on the principle of energy saving, using very little electricity.

It’s important to emphasize that BIOMAX wastewater treatment plants effectively remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater, so they don’t emit an unwanted smell. In addition, the high quality of treated water makes it possible to reuse it, contributing to the preservation of the environment and saving water resources. It’s a unique solution to ensure sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment.

Components of the BIOMAX wastewater treatment plant:

  • The equipment and internal structure are made of polypropylene (PP) that meets all requirements: The body of the product is hermetic, reinforced.
  • Inlet and outlet holes: Holes are cut at the factory for each model at a specific height from the bottom.
  • Standard device cover: Made of PP. Designed for M-type devices. It’s not recommended to climb on it.
  • PE small device cover: The cover is for MM type devices. Available in green or black.
  • Blower capacity: Made of high-quality polyethylene, resistant to cold (-50C), load max 200kg.
  • Blower: Depending on the performance of the model, blowers of different capacities are included in the biological wastewater treatment equipment.
  • Timer: Regulates the working intervals of the blower.

The most important advantages of BIOMAX wastewater treatment plants:

BIOMAX wastewater treatment plant technology adapts to different lifestyles, in different environments. Products can be installed:

  • For individual residential houses, apartment buildings, garden houses, cottages, homesteads and residential blocks – this is safe and efficient wastewater management;
  • Near hotels, restaurants, cafes, motels and campsites – facilities meet all hygiene standards and environmental requirements;
  • In small settlement community projects – contributing to sustainable wastewater management;
  • On farms and private farms – the equipment is easily transported, so it can be brought to the most remote area;
  • In rural tourism homesteads – promoting environmental preservation and healthy nature;
  • At gas stations – devices cope with large instantaneous flows of wastewater;
  • In education and training institutions – providing a safe and hygienic learning environment.

BIOMAX wastewater treatment plants are of high quality, adapted to modern construction solutions, although they are also ideal for the reconstruction of old buildings. After evaluating each situation individually, our recommended specialists choose the most suitable solution.

More information about BIOMAX technologies

The BIOMAX wastewater treatment plants integrate modern biotechnology with an exceptionally efficient internal technical design. This innovative products works as a biological reactor and allows to achieve a complete wastewater treatment process in a single polypropylene container.

Our BIOMAX technology represents a modern and environmentally friendly approach to wastewater treatment, ensuring excellent cleaning results and maintaining high efficiency.

Basic technical data of the wastewater treatment plant BIOMAX

Biomax dydis Gyventojų skaičius Našumas (m³/dieną) BDS5 (g/d) Svoris (kg) Dydis (dxh, m) Oraputės galia (l/min) Įtekėjimas / ištekėjimas, m
M-6 1-6 0.9 360 145 1,4×2,2 80 1,7/1,5
M-8 6-8 1.2 480 210 1,76×2,0 100 1,5/1,25
M-10 8-10 1.5 600 255 1,8×2,2 120 1,7/1,5
M-15 10-15 2.25 900 370 1,95×2,8 150 2,3/1,95
M-20 15-20 3 1200 490 2,25×2,8 200 2,3/1,95
M-25 20-25 3.78 1500 550 2,5×2,8 250 2,3/1,95
M-30 25-30 4.5 1800 610 2,75×2,8 300 2,3/1,95
M-35 30-35 5.25 2100 700 2,82×3,0 300 2,5/2,15
M-40 35-40 6 2400 790 3,0×3,0 400 2,5/2,15
M-50 40-50 7.5 3000 850 3,0×3,0 500 2,8/2,6